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Sour Patch Gummies
Sour Patch Gummies

Sour Patch Gummies

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Pucker up for a sweet-sour candy favorite! Sour patch gummies are perennial pleasers that belong on everyone's snacking list. Beloved by kids and adults, these tasty treasures have an irresistible tang.

Order a four-ounce packet of sour patch gummies for yourself or someone special today. These individually wrapped gems are soft, chewy and mouthwatering. Add them to an Easter basket, give them as a gift or enjoy them on your next movie night.

How Do You Like to Eat Your Sour Patch Gummies?

If you're someone who appreciates the power of sour candies, you know there's more than one way to eat a sour patch gummy. 

For instance, some people like to snack on them straight out of the packet one at a time. Others like to eat them alongside other sweets, like regular gummy bears or chocolate. Some clever bakers even decorate iced goodies with pieces of sour patch gummies!

No matter how you like to munch on sour patch candy, you're sure to get a treat that's fresh and delicious when you make Bedford Candies your sweet tooth headquarters.

Buy Tempting Treats From an Online Candy Store

Generations ago, you had to come to Bedford, Pennsylvania, to purchase candy and chocolates from Bedford Candies. Now, you can get our finest items — including a packet of sour patch gummies — online.

Make shopping for the candies you crave simple. Stop by our virtual candy shop and add some bestsellers to your shopping cart to get started.

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