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S'mores Homemade Fudge
S'mores Homemade Fudge

S'mores Homemade Fudge

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S'mores Homemade Fudge

No need for a campfire with our s'mores homemade fudge. Our creamy chocolate fudge mixed with graham crackers and sweet marshmallow cream make our s'mores homemade fudge a sweet treat that's perfect for snacking or dessert time.

Order a half-pound container of s'mores homemade fudge from Bedford Candies today.

When Is a Good Time to Serve S'mores Fudge?

Feel free to serve up s'mores fudge any time! Many people like to have a little fudge on hand for fast and delicious desserts and snacks. Just make sure you store your s'mores fudge in a cool place to maintain its consistency and freshness.

Why Choose Bedford Candies for Homemade Fudge?

In our kitchen, we follow time-honored fudge recipes that have been passed down throughout the generations. But our s'mores fudge is just one of the many products we're known for making at Bedford Candies. Since 1929, we've mastered the chocolate and candy making process, always focusing our attention on creating world-class sweets and goodies.

You can buy our fudge and other treats online or visit either of our retail locations in Bedford or Altoona, PA. Fudge and chocolates make terrific special occasion and holiday surprises. We're happy to send s'mores homemade fudge to anyone on your gift-giving list as a fun and unexpected pick-me-up.

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