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Chocolate XLarge Sitting Rabbit
Chocolate XLarge Sitting Rabbit

Rabbit - XLarge Sitting (3.25lbs)

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Rabbit- Extra Large Sitting

No Easter is complete without a large chocolate Easter bunny, and Bedford Candies has you covered for this time of year. Our extra large chocolate Easter bunny is sitting in the classic bunny pose, though that’s where the similarity to most Easter bunnies ends. This three-dimensional solid milk chocolate rabbit will surely WOW anyone with its large size. With Bedford Candies, your extra large chocolate Easter bunny simply provides an unparalleled level of quality. From the details of the design to the delectable silky chocolate taste, our large chocolate Easter bunny is a delight for all your senses.

Only Bedford Candies has been making chocolate in historic Bedford since 1929. We’re still hand-dipping our chocolates, handmaking our confections and using small batch processes to ensure every Easter bunny and every treat from our shops is worthy of your Easter celebrations.

Bedford Candies Makes Sure Your Easter Bunny Is Delicious

Easter only happens once a year, so you want your Easter treats to look beautiful and taste delicious. Bedford Candies can help with competitively-priced, high-quality chocolate that melts in your mouth. This traditional Easter bunny is a wopping 3.25 pounds, so it will surely be the star of your Easter baskets or as a stand-alone gift. Our Easter bunnies are available in our gourmet milk chocolate.

Everyone will adore these velvety and delicious Easter bunnies. The quality is based on years of tradition, and you simply won’t find it anywhere else.

Why Get Your Easter Bunny From Bedford Candies?

Bedford Candies is a family owned and operated chocolate shop in historic Bedford. In addition to our retail locations, we also have an online shop. Place your order from the comfort of your home and have chocolates delivered to your door or to the gift recipient of your choice.

Every Easter, Bedford Candies makes specialty novelty chocolates to help you celebrate the holiday. Be sure to get them right away, though, because once they’re gone, you’ll need to wait another year!

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