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Lemon Truffle
Lemon Truffle


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Lemon Truffle

Send your taste buds to paradise with our signature lemon truffles!

Each truffle features a lemon-infused ganache core that's been hand-coated in velvety milk or dark chocolate. For added texture, flavor and sophistication, we've dressed each lemon truffle with bits of citrus candy toppings.

Order 15 or 32 lemon truffles in your choice of chocolate today. These lemon truffles make exceptional gifts for any holiday or other special occasions!

What Are Chocolate and Lemon Truffles?

At their most basic level, truffles are created by making a chocolate-and-cream center which is then surrounded and stabilized by a chocolate or cocoa powder coating. However, these truffles elevate the classic recipe with the addition of some lemony zest.

Without a doubt, chocolate and lemon complement one another brilliantly. The chocolate brings out the underlying tang of the lemon, and the lemon serves to amplify the natural sweetness of the chocolate. It's a pairing that you'll appreciate with every nibble!

How to Serve Lemon Truffles

As with all candies, chocolate truffles can be eaten anytime you like. However, they do make beautiful additions to banquet-style dessert buffets. Additionally, lemon truffles add an element of sophistication and charm to snacking trays.

To keep your truffles at their best, always store them in a cool, dark place until you're ready to dive in!

Why Buy Truffles From Bedford Candies?

We've spent more than 80 years in the candy making and chocolate industry. Since the day our business opened, we've concentrated on developing fine products using old-fashioned recipes. Our unwavering standards allow us to consistently produce some of the most delectable treats and goodies you can find on the market.

Enjoy lemon truffles made in small batches in our kitchen. Be sure to check out our other truffle choices, too. At Bedford Candies, we have your sweet tooth covered!

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