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Chocolate Hopper With Pack
Chocolate Hopper With Pack

Hopper Bunny with Pack - XLarge (2 LBS)

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Hopper Bunny With Pack - Extra Large

You say you want to make a hoppin’ big statement with your Easter baskets this year? Check out this super large milk chocolate hopper bunny. Molded to look exactly like a bunny carrying a special wicker backpack, this three-dimensional solid milk chocolate seasonal favorite weighs in at a whopping 2 pounds. That’s a ton of chocolate and a ton of excitement to find in any basket!

When you want solid gourmet chocolates featuring out-of-this-world great taste, turn to Bedford Candies. We’re your go-to shop for Easter nibbles. Check out our complete lineup of terrific products you can’t get anywhere else.

Bedford Candies: Where Easter Happens

We love every season of the year, from autumn to summer, but Easter remains a fun holiday because we can help customers transform their Easter baskets. From solid chocolate bunnies to savory popcorn, we offer various items perfect for holiday gift-giving.

If you’ve been searching everywhere for something new for your kids’ or family’s Easter baskets, you’ve come to the right place. We’re serious about fun snacking! 

A Continuing Legacy of Deliciousness

When we opened our doors in 1929, our company believed in two key principles. The first was that amazing products could only be made from amazing ingredients. That’s the reason we only use the finest, freshest ingredients. 

The second principle was that small batches give the best results. Everything we sell, right down to our large chocolate hopper bunny, is made in small batches. This technique allows us to control the quality and ensure you always get exactly what you want.

More than 90 years have passed since Bedford Candies was founded, but we still maintain an old-fashioned belief in providing only the tastiest chocolates and other treats. Buy a large milk chocolate hopper bunny — or several — today and make Easter more delicious and fun!

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