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  1. Assorted Chocolate Gift Set
Assorted Chocolate Gift Set
Assorted Chocolate Gift Set

Assorted Chocolate Gift Set

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It can be tough to decide if you want to give a half-pound or full pound of our Bedford Candies gourmet chocolates. With our assorted chocolate gift set, you get to deliver both to your favorite recipient!

Our assorted chocolate gift set includes both a half-pound and a full pound box of luscious milk, dark, or mixed milk-and-dark chocolates. You'll receive two magnificent boxes of the chocolate we make by hand in small batches.

Give both assorted chocolate boxes to one person, or separate them into two gifts. Either way, our handcrafted treats are sure to be a hit.

Nearly a Century of Chocolate Making

When you buy your assorted chocolate gift set and other fine chocolates from Bedford Candies, you benefit from our heritage of superior candy making. We opened our doors in 1929 and have been focused on making incredible, irresistible chocolates and confections ever since.

What makes our chocolates taste so delicious? In addition to making everything ourselves in a controlled kitchen, we only choose fresh, premium quality ingredients. When you start with quality, you end with goodness every time. 

Each chocolate you receive in your assorted chocolate gift set is crafted to satisfy — so you might want to order a second gift set to have on hand for your own chocolate cravings.

Make Someone's Day With Assorted Chocolates From Bedford Candies

Chocolate makes a fantastic gift for just about any holiday or celebration, whether you need a hostess gift for a party or the perfect present for a baby shower. And don’t forget that it’s nice to have an assorted chocolate gift set on hand when neighbors and friends stop by or do something extra nice.

Purchase mouthwatering chocolates and more online, or stop by one of our retail locations in downtown Bedford or Altoona, Pennsylvania.