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3 Pack Chocolate Covered Oreos
3 Pack Chocolate Covered Oreos

Oreos (3pk)

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Sometimes, the best treats are simple. Take our chocolate-covered Oreos — they're an inspired way to indulge in one of America's favorite cookies and rich, gourmet milk chocolate.

When you're craving a snack that's out of the ordinary, reach for a 3.25-ounce three-pack of chocolate-covered Oreos. They're suitable for on-the-go treats, lunchbox favorites and Easter basket fillers.

Why Combine Oreos and Bedford Candies Chocolate?

The humble beginnings of the Oreo and the legacy of Bedford Candies started around the same time. The Oreo cookie first came to the public's eye in around 1912. Just a few years later in 1929, our founder launched Bedford Candies to bring people mouthwatering candies, confections and chocolates.

Today, the Oreo has been around for more than a century and Bedford Candies is fast approaching its 100-year anniversary. What better way to celebrate the heritage of two long-time favorite treat-makers than to coat regular Oreos with rich, velvety milk chocolate from Bedford Candies? After one bite of our milk-chocolate covered Oreos, you'll understand why we couldn't resist combining two amazing products!

Buy Chocolate-Covered Oreos Online

When snacking quality matters to you, trust Bedford Candies to have all the sweet and savory indulgences you want. Place your order online and we'll send our bestsellers like milk chocolate-covered Oreos right to your home or office. Be sure to order chocolate-coated Oreos in advance of holidays and special occasions so you have enough on hand!

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